Tutorial For RoadPlan - Road Design

Tutorial For RoadPlan – Road Design

Designing many different routes on the current state of the terrain surface. On a line can have one or more parallel lines or heart parallel, and can calibrate surface lines by flexible routing. 
– Using the survey data file vertical, horizontal monitoring modules from NovaTDN, TOPO according to the design files online monitoring data along the horizontal monitoring, as well as the use of modular terrain model TOPO. 
– On the natural draw vertical lines can express codes (eg the left edge, right edge of the old road along with data such as elevation, slope, distance of retail, approximately cumulative …) , the bottom line of the geological layers. 
– On the drawing design beyond the vertical red line (center line of one or more) can show the code lines (eg edge margins, driving edge, edge separators left and right of the line design along with data such as altitude, slope …). 
– Horizontal monitoring design drawings can represent different types of cross-sections (eg more roads separators, drains can knit, two-lane road with parallel or not parallel). The type of cut completely user-defined. 

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Tutorial For RoadPlan – Road Design
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