Tomato Intensive New Toeic Listening (Ebook + Audio)

Tomato Intensive New Toeic Listening (Ebook + Audio) by Lee Seonglyong, Kim Ji-yeon

1 . The Power Strategy : Learning strategies exam practice

Just focus on the content in the central part of the TOEIC Listening , you will be able to increase their ability to communicate in practice and improve scores .

2 . Mastering Strategic answered questions through check-up test

Recall the strategies learned of the Power Strategy , then manipulate them to practice answering questions at the check-up .

3 . Power Listening : Helping you accumulate background knowledge of school subjects listen through pronunciation and vocabulary

Learn and practice answering questions about vocabulary in each subject appear in each part . Part pronunciation compiled close to the actual TOEIC test (with English voice , America , Australia … ) Should you not be familiar with the meaning of the word but also familiar with the pronunciation of many accents .

4 . The Listening Point :

Helping you understand the pronunciation of important indigenous music as attachment – typical English -style pronunciation .

5 . Power Test : Practice Question of the content learned

Try my best to answer questions as you are taking the real exam to check progress has been achieved .

Complete learning content within 30 days of the original structure curriculum

Structure of the curriculum allows you to simultaneously learn a systematic part , learn how to avoid boring ago due to work through each part . The tendency of the New TOEIC now mainly focused on basic skills , so 9 chapters in this textbook will help your system to the basic skills needed for the actual exam .

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Tomato Intensive New Toeic Listening (Ebook + Audio)
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