The Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive

The Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive

This interactive, multimedia CD-ROM brings the words and illustrations of The Oxford Picture Dictionary to life with sound and animation. Its rich assortment of games, exercises, and activities makes it flexible for use in conjunction with the Dictionary or on its own. Thematic content corresponds to secondary and adult curricula, with a strong job-skills strand. It can be used in classrooms, in language labs, or at home, and it can be easily adapted to individual, pair, or small group work.


Features of the Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive CD-ROM

  • -All 3,700 words of The Oxford Picture Dictionary are presented with sound and stunning visual images that provide easy access to meaning and pronunciation.
  • Students can hear and learn to read, say, and spell any word they choose to explore.
  • User-friendly navigation and help screens are geared to the special needs of language learners.
  • A special viewer allows students to easily explore the whole graphic as well as zoom in for close ups.
  • Vocabulary can be easily searched, either by contextualized topic page or through a pictorial glossary, helping students develop reference skills.
  • wide selection of activity types appeals to a variety of learning styles.
  • Activities such as Conversation, Reading, “Job Talk,” Dictation, Role Play, and Writing provide contextualized vocabulary practice in speaking, reading, writing, and listening.
  • A built-in word processor encourages students to write about any Dictionary topic and print out their work.
  • Easy lookup of words from readings, dialogues, and students’ own writing is facilitated by hyperlinked referencing to the glossary.
  • Games offer motivating, easily customized reinforcement activities.
  • Flashcard Maker enables students to practice on-screen or print out picture/word cards based on their own word lists.
  • Randomly-generated tests for each topic page enable targeted testing and multiple retests, facilitating pre- and post-testing.
  • Summary and detailed reports allow students and teachers to monitor progress.
  • A Teacher Management System on the same disc permits teachers to review and edit student information, as well as view tests and writing.

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The Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive
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