SuperMemo UX Extreme English Intermediate 2010

SuperMemo UX Extreme English Intermediate 2010

Features of the package:
* SuperMemo UX for vocabulary training, based on the SuperMemo method of repetition that has received numerous awards and whose effectiveness has been proven by research,
* over 9,800 words that are actively used by native speakers, including business vocabulary,
* comprehensive learner’s dictionary with definitions, synonyms, examples of use, illustrations and recordings,
* easy search and selection for learning of particular words according to:
* thematic categories, e.g. Arts and crafts, Education, Commerce,
* exams (PET, FCE, BEC),
* frequency in the language,
* common neighbouring words,
* selection of exercise types that let the user practise different skills, e.g. use in communication, correct spelling, listening comprehension,
* pronunciation trainer that analyses and evaluates the accent, intonation and other important speech parameters,
* free application for mobiles, thanks to which the dictionary is always within easy reach.
Content of the package:
* 9,800 words
* 59,000 exercises
* 18,500 examples
* 11 hours of recordings

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SuperMemo UX Extreme English Intermediate 2010
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