[Play]Linh Hon Cua Da – Luu Quang Vu

Linh Hon Cua Da is a play based on a folk story of Viet Nam that almost pepole know about a severe grim relationship between husband and wife when they realize they are siblings. Then, the husband can’t accept this truth and left his family when his wife doesn’t know why he goes away.


In this play, Luu Quang Vu brings a new point of view about the faithful characteristics also it’s immortal  value, then we extremely feel the pain in a happy family and the more they’re happy – the more they’re painful.


This is a very seldom Luu Quang Vu’s play that it is not an happy ending because the author must respect the real folk and no way to change it.


Free download [Play]Linh Hon Cua Da – Luu Quang Vu


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[Play]Linh Hon Cua Da – Luu Quang Vu
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