[Play]Duong Bay - Luu Quang Vu

[Play]Duong Bay – Luu Quang Vu

Duong Bay” is a writing of Luu Quang Vu about aeronautic soldiers in army, they fighted for liberty in the war. When the peace is set again, they have to face to many new complex issues that make people can’t be solid as the past and the main reason is the difference view among generations


Thru this play, we can also one again see that how sacred the camaraderie is, even in the peaceful time, this truth is always everlasting. So, the sacrifices of soldiers are uncountable for any time, they are typical for Vietnamese people – a hero folk


Luu Quang Vu was an aeronautic soldier in the past, so he know for sure all characterisrics in this unit, that’s why this play describe clearly the common aspects of this unit army

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[Play]Duong Bay – Luu Quang Vu
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