[Lisp]Rotate properties in block

[Lisp]Rotate properties in block

XO’s lisp command below will rotate the angle of Block Attribute 0


(defun c:XO( / ssdt sodt index tt entdt)
(princ "\nCADViet.com (c) 2007")
(setq ssdt (ssget)
sodt (sslength ssdt)
index 0
(repeat sodt
(setq entdt (ssname ssdt index)
index (1+ index)
entdt (entnext entdt)
tt (entget entdt)
tt (subst (cons 50 0.0) (assoc 50 tt) tt)
(entmod tt)
(entupd entdt)
(princ "\nxo - free lisp from www.cadviet.com")

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[Lisp]Rotate properties in block
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