[Lisp]Create Checklist From Name Frame Block

[Lisp]Create Checklist From Name Frame Block

This program will automatically review the list of conditions called frame 1 block attributes, the first attribute is denoted drawings, 2nd attribute is the name of the drawing, the next attribute will bypass program . How to use:


– Orders TSDM (list parameters) to set parameters for the list. Includes: Specify the name of the text file containing program data (any name what and where, not long WriteProtect. Should you keep the program’s default), block name frame name that you are using.

– Orders DANHMUC to record the entire data frame to be selected in the file name text data.

– Orders TAODANHMUC to create a checklist of 3 columns as you require, each row is 1 drawing. Information to be taken from the list of text file data.

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[Lisp]Create Checklist From Name Frame Block
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