Gruber's Complete SAT Guide 2009

Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide 2009

Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide -12th Edition by Gary Gruber

More Than 7 Million Gruber Books Sold!

“The best book on the SAT -CBS Radio
“Gary Gruber is the leading expert on the SAT” -Houston Chronicle
“Gary Gruber is the most prominent guru of SAT preparation.” -Chicago Tribune
“His methods make the questions seem amazingly simple to solve.” -Library Journal
“Dr. Gruber knows the ins and outs of the SAT.” -Los Angeles Times

Get the Skills That Unlock the Answers

With the explanation to a question, you can answer that one question. With the Gruber strategies, you can answer thousands of questions! These strategies show you how to think about problems best, and can be used consistently on every SAT test.

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Improve Your Score

  • Features the Exclusive Gruber System That has Raised Actual SAT Scores by More than 600 Points!
  • Unique Diagnostic Test Shows You Why You Got Questions Wrong-And How to Correct It
  • Tips of Writing a High-Scoring Essay
  • Inside Info on How SAT Questions Are Created
  • Student-Praised Writing, Vocab, Math and Reading Sections
  • 5 Full-Length SAT Practice Tests with complete explanatory answers keyed to the Gruber strategies and basic skills

Effective Study Tools That Are Actually Fun

  • 101 Most Important Math Questions You Need to Know
  • The World’s Shortest SAT Test (16 Questions)
  • The 291 Most Important SAT Words
  • Proven Strategies for Solving Questions Quickly
  • Tons of Practice SAT Questions, with Every Answer Keyed to the Gruber Strategies and Basic Skills
  • The Gruber Prefixes and Roots that can give you the meaning of more than 150,000 words

Use the Most Trusted Methods

  • More schools use Dr. Gruber’s books for SAT courses than any other SAT books.
  • PBS chose Dr. Gruber to train teachers nationally to improve the nation’s SAT scores.
  • National learning centers, state agencies and state education departments have contracted with Dr. Gruber to improve SAT scores and critical thinking ability.

More About the Author

Gary R. Gruber
Gary R. Gruber

Gary R. Gruber, PhD is recognized as the leading expert on standardized tests, test-taking methods, and critical thinking skills. Gruber’s programs are used more than any others by the nation’s school districts, and proven to result in the highest-documented school district standardized test scores. The Washington Post called Dr. Gruber “America’s Super Genius”, and PBS selected him to train the nation’s teachers on how to prepare students for the SAT. Dr. Gruber has consulted with all the major testing organizations, including the College Board and ETS-the world’s largest private educational testing and measurement organization. He has published over 40 books, with more than 7 million copies sold.


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Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide 2009
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helpful reviews

By Petrosian

Excellent strategies, but hard tests

I work for a tutoring company. With my employer's permission, I use this book after my students have exhausted all of my company's prep materials.

This is an excellent book for SAT tutors; a average-to-good book for students using this book as their sole source of preparation; an excellent book when used in conjunction with the SAT exams published by the College Board.

This book teaches critical thinking strategies which are essential for not only the SAT, but other examinations you will take in high school and college. I cannot recommend the strategies highly enough. Other SAT test prep books teach you tricks. The Gruber book teaches you thinking strategies which will serve you for years to come.

I will focus on the math content, as that is what I usually use this book for.

-Critical Reading Section-

The questions in the review tests are a little harder than the actual SAT. The critical thinking strategies are useful.
The vocab list is extensive, and perhaps a touch overly difficult, but it would be a good list for a student to work with if they want to do very long term preparation (12+ months plus) for this test.

-Writing Section-

The writing section is an afterthought, in terms of content review other than the practice tests. If this book ever gets revised, this is the section that needs to be beefed up. (The writing section hasn't been expanded from the 10th edition.) The practice test questions are a touch harder than the actual SAT questions.

However, this book has a section on writing the essay which would be helpful for many students. It also has a section on grammar that should be required reading for every high school student in this country. Grammar is not taught extensively in schools anymore, and this book gives you a back to basics course in the subject.

-Math Section-

Math Practice Test Questions- Unlike the SAT, the questions sometimes seem to be randomly placed within the section. An entire section can be very easy, and the next section can be brutally tough. The questions are tougher-to-much-tougher than the actual SAT. (Students using this book on their own should be made aware of that.)

Questions on the practice test are linked by a numerical code to the content review (covered below) as well as the general math strategies (covered at the start of this review). As such, they can serve as a reminder of the general math principles that the were just part of a specific test question. It's helpful if you get the question wrong, or omitted, and can even be helpful if you get the question correct.

Math Content Review- Excellent. If anything, it overprepares you for the test. It covers some areas (such as set theory, and certain geometric formulas) that are not covered on this test. This section can be a godsend if you are weak in this subject.

After each content review section, there are 50 practice questions which cover what you reviewed. These questions are much harder than what's on the test.


This book prepares you for a test that is more difficult than the actual SAT. But the strategies it teaches, as well as the essay review and grammar review sections mentioned in this book, are worth their weight in gold.

This book should be used in conjunction with the book of SAT exams published by the College Board. (The Official SAT Study Guide) You will likely score higher on those more realistic practice tests than the harder Gruber practice tests.

The 10th and 11th editions of this book are 99.95% the same as the book under review. If you can buy a copy of those books (at what I assume would be a very inexpensive price), you are getting this book.

This book has been "revised" by slapping a new cover on it and printing the year 2009 on the cover (as opposed to 2008 for the 11th edition.)

(This is logical to do from a business perspective but it is worth mentioning, anyway.)


A good thinking skills SAT Prep book in need of revision

This SAT Test book has consistently been strong on good test strategies and thinking skills yet its author and publisher need to revise, update and correct mistakes in this otherwise good test-prep book. The root "anim" is the root list has erroneously been given the meaning "year" since the first edition...1980's? Check out the redundant use of "er,or" in the "suffix section". Other errors include no lines specified in the margin of the very first reading passage section (EXAMPLE 2, the,2009 Edition). Numerous 'strategy' and 'test' examples and some solutions need to be updated/revised. Why the redundant use of examples from the "Strategy Diagnostic Test,Part2" and the Strategy Section"? All five "SAT Practice Tests, Section 3" should be reviewed and updated with present SAT test questions, i.e., more 'line specified' reading questions; math questions should reflect more clever updated thinking demonstrated by the College Board test questions. I only use Gruber's SAT Practice Tests as individual questions and as timing exercises. I use only Real SAT Tests in the College Board Publications for my students when they take full tests.

Therefore ,although I regularly use this book, I have developed my own strategies that can make use of and/or extend Gruber's.

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