English Today DVD (Ebook+Audio)

English Today DVD (Ebook+Audio)

English Today is one of the disc to learn English to communicate effectively today. By layout clear, explicit and thorough, English Today brings readers approach a new English, a way to learn and use English effectively than any other textbook.
The entire 26-episode series is divided into 6 different levels (Beginners, Elementary, Low, Upper, Advanced, Business Level) for people from starting to fluency. If using this disk effectively, you do not need any other language centers, because all communication skills, modern methods are on the disc already. With English Today, you can practice: listening, speaking, reading and writing an extremely efficient and intuitive.
The whole context of the dialogue is based on the relationship between his five friends from 5 different countries (Jack – America, Anne – England, Alice – Australia, Peter Nash and Sharon from Canada). In addition, you also get to meet the teacher Louise. He will guide you to learn English in this entire series. Besides 5 Louise friend and teacher, the program also has the appearance of a lot of other characters too. You can learn more while viewing and practice English in this disc.
  Disc includes the following sections: 
3. LOWER: 4DVD (DVD 9 – DVD 12)
4. UPPER: 5DVD (DVD 13 – DVD 17)
5. ADVANCE: 5DVD (DVD 18 – DVD 22)
6. BUSINESS: 4DVD (DVD 23 – DVD 26)


Five links in this artical almost for Ebook and Audio only because the full link 26DVD is a big volume and can’t be uploaded (More than 62 GB)

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English Today DVD (Ebook+Audio)
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