ACI 325.6R-88-Texturing Concrete Pavements

The importance of the need for skid-resistant pavement has been known for many years. Increased traffic volumes and speeds have increased the need for an improved skid-resistant surface. The emphasis has been to improve skid resistance by creating new surface textures that increase the “macrotexture” of the concrete pavement. These textures are created by forming the deeper textures in the plastic concrete during the finishing operations.


Skid resistance has also been improved in existing concrete pavements by sawing grooves in the hardened concrete with cutting heads composed of a number of circular diamond saw blades. The traveling public may better understand this as a process of placing a “tread” in the pavement surface, which complements the tread on the car tires, and stops the vehicle without skidding or loss of control by permitting the rapid escape of water.

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ACI 325.6R-88-Texturing Concrete Pavements
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