ACI 308.1-98-Standard Specification for Curing Concrete

ACI 308.1-98-Standard Specification for Curing Concrete

This specification provides requirements for alternative methods for curing concrete. These alternatives are not necessarily equal in effectiveness, cost, effect on project schedule, or impact on other aspects of the project.


To use this specification, the Architect/Engineer must not only include this document by reference in the project specifications, but must also identify the concrete elements that are to be cured, and must choose the method to be used to cure those elements. This specification has installed default settings that may or may not be applicable to a specificproject. The Artichect/Engineer is to use the Checklists included in this specification to customize the specification to a specific project. Checklists are provided in this document to guide the Architect/Engineer through these selection processes, and the selections must be included in the project specification. Alternatively, the Architect/Engineer may allow the contractor the option of using one or more of a number of permissible curing methods, subject to review and approval.


Further, the Architect/Engineer must determine wheter deliberate curing efforts must or may terminate after a predetermined time has elapsed, or only after specified concrete properties have developed. When deliberate efforts to cure the concrete are to be terminated only when specified concrete properties have developed, the Architect/Engineer must also select the test method used to measure those properties.

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ACI 308.1-98-Standard Specification for Curing Concrete
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