ACI 224.3R-95-Joints in Concrete Construction

ACI 224.3R-95-Joints in Concrete Construction

This report reviews the state of the art in design, construction, and maintenance of joints in concrete structures subjected to a wide variety of use and environmental conditions. In some cases, the option of eliminating joints is considered Aspects of various joint sealant materials and jointing techniques are discussed.


The reader is referred to ACI 504R for a more comprehensive treatment of sealant materials and to ACI 224R for a broad discussion of the causes and control of cracking in concrete construction. Chapters in the report focus on various types of structures and structural elements with unique characteristics: Buildings, bridges, slabs-on-grade, tunnel linings, canal linings, precast concrete pipe, liquid-retaining structures, walls, and mass concrete.

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ACI 224.3R-95-Joints in Concrete Construction
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