ACI 207.5R-99-Roller Compacted Mass Concrete

ACI 207.5R-99-Roller Compacted Mass Concrete

Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is a concrete of no-slump consistency in its unhardened state that is typically transported, placed, and compacted using earth and rockfill construction equipment. This report includes the use of RCC in structures where measures should be taken to cope with the generation of heat from hydration of the cementitious materials and attendant volume change to minimize cracking.


Material mixture proportioning, properties, design considerations, construction, and quality control are covered. The materials, processes, quality control measures, and inspections described in this document should be tested, monitored, or performed as applicable only by individuals holding the appropriate ACI certifications or equivalent.

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ACI 207.5R-99-Roller Compacted Mass Concrete
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