30 Days to the Toeic Test [With CD]

30 Day to the Toeic Test (EBook + Audio)

30 Days to the TOEIC Test with CD (Audio)

Ideal for students and professionals looking for fast-track prep for the Test of English for International Communication, used by more than 4,000 corporations worldwide to measure English-language proficiency.

Ministry of brief instructions on how to make the TOEIC test by Educational Testing Service USA – ETS issue. Each day a lesson will help students better understand the TOEIC test within 30 days refresher.
 Main content: 
* Review each component training in listening comprehension and reading comprehension
* Analysis of common problems and how to fix it.
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30 Day to the Toeic Test (EBook + Audio)
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Helpful Reviews

By TOEIC Queen

Good solid book and cd

This book was useful for me--the picture problems were a little easy, but

the TOEIC picture section is pretty easy too. I would have like to see more

discussion on the grammar section--and more difficult reading passages--

but all in all, this book served its purpose--to introduce the whole test. Finally,

I liked the way that the book used the 30 day schedule, even though it of course takes more than 30 days to get your English up to high level TOEIC score.

By Raymond W. Merry

Good Concise Book, cuts to the chase

This is one of the best TOEFL or TOEIC books I have seen, and the best I have used definitely. There are 30 lessons, and most can be done in 1 hour, or up to 2 if you have a lot of discussion or slow students. It can even be used for advanced students as a brush up and conversation/listening book. The CD's are good and it contains exercises and explanations for listening, reading, identifying photos, etc.


Very good condition

The book is with a very good condition. The CDs are also in a good condition. There is nothing wrong.

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