22000 Words for Toefl Harold Levine

22000 Words for Toefl Harold Levine

22,000 from the TOEFL “is a book on vocabulary learning was developed on a solid theoretical basis and  Its real purpose is to increase the strength of English vocabulary to students as quickly as possible. this bilingual translation in order to provide a means for learning the best book above.

In addition, this book is not only practical aim which is presented on a systematic approach to vocabulary learned. Let’s take a surf through the unit of study to clarify this:

1. Learning new words in the context
2. Expand vocabulary through key concepts
3. Expand vocabulary through the Anglo-Saxon prefix
4. Expand vocabulary through Latin prefix
5. Expand the language of words over the Latin
6. Expand vocabulary through the Greek language elements
7. Expand vocabulary through word metabolism
8. Relations and relations of analogy from

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22000 Words for Toefl Harold Levine
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